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vitamin DLack of vitamin D is most frequent observed in children from two month to two years the result of which is rachitis of children and adults suffer from osteoporosis and osteohalisteresis. Lack of vitamin D changes the mineral metabolism: the level of phosphorus and calcium decreases a lot. The reasons of such disorder is the lack of vitamin D in food and moreover the insufficient influence of sun rays on skin. But of course there are other reasons, they are premature infant, shift of the acid-base balance in side of acid intoxication.

Rachitis is a disease which can be characterized by the suppression of transformation of cartilaginous tissue into bony tissue in places of bone formation because of decrease of synthetical processes in these tissues . The symptoms of rachitis as a ramification of lack of vitamin D are bad appetite, hyperirritability, tearfulness, sleep destruction, hyperhidrosis and skin pallor.

Lack of vitamin D can be fulfilled with the help of vitamin complexes. It is rather important to take vitamins to support the mineral metabolism of the organism. If you want to take vitamins as faster as possible, you may order them on the web site of Canadian Health and Care Mall. They have a large scale of vitamins which can help to prevent yourself from suffering from vitamin D lack. It is not pleasant to have weak bones, it means you cannot live actively all the time thinking about how not to do this or that.

Children should be protected by parents in each moment of the new beginning life. That’s why it is very important to give vitamins to them, but it should be mentioned the vitamins may give results only in case if they take according to the instructional usage. An unbridled intake may lead to the toxicity of microelements which can provoke different processes in the organism, that’s why it is very important to care about how many vitamins you give to your child and be attentive in the dosage.

All these will help you to support the mineral metabolism in a good condition and will help you to save money if you order vitamins by Canadian Health and Care Mall.