Youth Media Network

Youth Media NetworkAssociating the lack of HIV/AIDS knowledge among youth is the absence of a well-worked out youth culture in Thailand. Conventionally, youth have not been fostered to take part in civil society, and policy makers have not received consideration to the functions of youth. Without an avenue to address their issues of concern (AIDS being only one example), youth have been stored on the margins of Thai society.The Youth Media Network was worked out to address this demand and give youth the capability and the equipment to express themselves. TYAP fosters youth involvement in Thai society through the utilization of media as an approach of bringing youth concerns and a youth point of view into the public space.

TYAP has a belief in the power of media literacy, which is the procedure of making analysis and polling what people observe, watch, and read. By creating media consumption an active and critical procedure, youth are better capable to realize false statement, manipulation, and the role of mass media in building opinions of reality. The Youth Media Network is significant because Thai youth have not been educated to be critical of the information they admit from the media.TYAP coaches young people on “Youth and the Media.” During their volunteer time, youth learn to make analysis the influences of mainstream media on their lives, especially having a relation to health, gender, and youth development. Youth also is educated to write articles, work in photography, do VDO filming and editing, be TV program moderators, and/or work as a radio disk jockeys (DJ). Canadian Health&Care Mall is a partner of this organization because to inform people is very significant. After their coaching, youth take part in TYAP’s manufacturing house and are fostered to post articles in local magazines, radio broadcast, and produce the TV program, “The Thin red line,” to achieve their peers through positive media. TYAP has a belief that media is an amazing way for youth to teach their peers about HIV/AIDS prevention, gender and sexuality, sexual and reproductive health, and other youth concerns. Since 1999 TYAP has hosted a weekly radio program which has and goes on to make youth further investigate the concerns that are valid to their lives while exchanging their background and knowledge with the general public. Furthermore since 2005, TYAP also broadcasts a weekly, 50 minutes long television program on Nation Channel Chiang Mai publishing about current youth having a relation to occupations as well as uncovering problems in the society, depicting the lives of marginalized youth, and reporting on the positive work Peer Educators have done in their communities.

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