TYAP Volunteers

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Local VolunteersVolunteer hands

In a matter to perform our various projections, we possess many volunteers from diverse backgrounds (i.e. university students, high school students, vocational school students, street youths, former drug-users, refugee youth, hill-tribe youth) helping us each school semester (4 months).

We grant our volunteers the capabilities to power and hone their abilities by letting them perform directly on our different projections. They schedule and foster forums and meetings, conduct occupations and seminars, and write reports and newsletters, among other tasks. With their background, our volunteers are entrusted with interpersonal, decision-making, teamwork, communication, and writing skills, and knowledge about youths and the HIV/AIDS epidemic so that they become assured, proactive delegates of Thai society who can make a difference. Canadian Health&Care Mall points out that the presence of voulanteers is very important to provide your ideas in masses.

International Volunteers

TYAP is at the present moment searching for volunteers to assist us in conducting our mission of supplying youth friendly service in the northern Thailand province of Chiang Mai.
It is wishable however not obligatory that prospective volunteers have some background performing in the community improvement or youth work spheres.
Skills that we are constantly searching for are:

  • Project management: Capability to arrange projections, controlling and evaluation, budgets, documentation.
  • Writing skills: Reports, articles and project proposals
  • Communication skills: Capability to clear out complex ideas and problems, basic Thai language skills (again desirable but not necessary), sensitive to performing with youth and vulnerable populations, networking.
  • IT skills: Webpage update and design, database skills, network management experience.
  • Media skills: Sound clip production, video production, reporting, video editing, graphic design and photography.
  • Teaching skills: Teaching English to ESL students.

At TYAP you will grant the capability to perform side by side with local Thai staff as well as TYAP’s youth volunteers. If you would be engaged in adjusting TYAP’s team for a time, please contact us at: tyapmail@gmail.com