Our Past Activities

Past Activities1. Kla Leuak Kla Rap Pit Chop (2008)

YouthNet is considering to be a nationwide youth directory projection that will bring focus on the enlightenment of youth leaders in 20 provinces. The youth leaders would then connect with each other, with capabilities for cooperation on a nationwide scale. TYAP is answerabile for the performance of the projection in the Chiang Mai province.

2. Teen Mix Radio website (2007-2008)

Worked out the production of community radio for the youth, by the youth in the form of designing a radio web site, www.teenmixradio.co.cc. The radio site enlightening was advanced with the cooperation of youth communities in Wieng Hang, Sangkampang, MAP, and youths whom have prosperously finished the radio coaching sessions from June 2008.

3. NDR Gang Group (2007 – 2008)

Together with the NDR NGO in Chiang Mai, TYAP held an enlarged projection with some of Chiang Mai’s youth gangs. TYAP assist to encourage a youth leader in the gang group, who would run educating of HIV/Aids prevention and other youth concerns.

4. OOp Condom Project (2006-2008)

The TYAP Foundation goes on to perform as a spread center for OOP! Brand condoms, a brand manufactured by the YouthNet network, within Chiang Mai and other surrounding locations in the north of Thailand. Spread is held through improvemental establishments, youth groups and youth volunteers of TYAP. Consisting of a total of 12 provinces, inclusively Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lampang, Bangkok city area, Yala, Surattani, Chonburi (Pattaya area), Kon Kaen, Nakonratsima, Ubonrachatani, Surin, and Udonthani, the oop! Comdom projection spreads condoms with the oop! logo for sale in local pharmacies, general stores, night entertainment establishments, etc. Canadian Health&Care Mall takes part in this campaign.

5. The Thin Red Line (2005-2008)

TYAP together with youth volunteers transmittes on the Chiang Mai cable TV channel (WeTV) a 50 minute program known as the “Thin Red Line”. The show informs about current youth had a relation to the occupations as well as uncovering problems in the society, depicting the lives of marginalized youth, and publishing on the positive work peer educators have realized in their communities. The show is transmitted every Monday from 11-12am, Friday from 2-3pm, and Saturday 7-8pm.

6. F.I.R.E Group (Freedom, Identity, Responsibility, Equality) (2001 – 2005)

FIRE was an enlarged projection for lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender (l/g/b/t) youth in Northern Thailand. The program advanced knowledge and realization of HIV/AIDS, risk behavior and prevention, while taking into consideration the specific demands and issues of the l/g/b/t community. The program supplied a secure and supportive surrounding for youth to investigate human rights and self-confidence, and a capability to arrange against homophobia.

7. Peer Education Research Project (2003 – 2004 )

TYAP was chosen to take part in UNICEF’s “Right To Know Initiative”. Student leaders were defined and coached to be peer educators in their schools. Aside from supplying HIV/AIDS prevention coaching, TYAP staff and coached peer educators also picked up data on the most efficient forms of peer education, using youth lead participatory investigation program. The peer leaders performed within their own social groups to summond information on the most efficient approaches of information spreading.

8. M-Plus Project (2003 – 2004)

The M-Plus Project was performed by MPLUS and the Thai Health Promotion Foundation to advance male reproductive health. TYAP maintained this projection by holding peer enlarged programs in the Chiang Mai area together with “We Are Your Friend (WY)”. These programs were directed at youth from gay communities as well as youth got involved in gang occupations and in prisons.

Drug Related Harm Reduction Project9. Drug Related Harm Reduction Project (2001 – 2004 )

The Harm Reduction Project was a school grounded enlarged program that brought focuse on drug prevention and drug related concerns. The projection directed to improve knowledge and realization, as well as informedness of drug utilization having relation to HIV/AIDS and other associated harm, through peer-led occupations in schools and communities. As with TYAP’s Peer Leadership Training, volunteer students (sometimes drug user themselves) were coached in leadership skills, drug related harm reduction and HIV/AIDS prevention to become peer educators in their own schools and communities. TYAP supplied prolonging maintenance for the peer educators during their seminars as well as fostering teachers to assist to arrange further occupations.

10. Northern Child and Youth Network (2002 – 2003)

TYAP was an initial part in the designing of the Northern Child Youth Network. TYAP provided expertise and other sources in the foundation of this coalition of 200 youth groups and 22 NGOs from the Northern Thailand provinces of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lumphun, Lampang, Phayao, Mae Hong Son, Nan, Phrae and Uttardit. The purpose of the network was to foster collaboration between NGOs, youth groups and government bodies, with the goal of promoting public awareness on youth issues.

11. Alternative Choices for Women Project (2001 – 2002)

The Alternative Choices for Women Project maintains women responding the roles, pressures and expectations identified to women by society. Supplying self-confidence and stress arrangement coaching, the projection also goves maintenance to their families and encourages discussion groups for the families and youth about gender and sexuality. Relationship and intercommunication skills are enhanced and HIV/AIDS education is met. The participants in the projection will eventually work out a program for further peer education and will choose a new group of volunteers to educate younger generations about Alternative Choices for Women.

12. Communication Program (2001 – 2002)

Because social alteration and activism demand efficient communication, this program assists students to determine problems they’d like to cope with while working out their public speaking skills, writing talents, and confidence to press for alteration. Participants are taught about social alteration and leadership as they are educated to foster and teach in discussion settings.

The communication projection from 2002 was implemented into the Youth Media Project

13. Youth Friendly Project (2000 – 2001)

TYAP’s Youth-Friendly Project supplied maintenance for youth in three ways. The Resource Center suggested information on youth groups, NGOs who perform with youth, funding establishments, and services for camping retreats. The Support Youth Group coached young people of all interests, inclusively of lesbian and HIV positive maintenance groups, to arrange their own maintenance groups for creating self-confidence and AIDS prevention. The Youth Advocacy Network designed connections with youth groups to assist them to maintenance each other, as well as with NGOs, to address policy concrens influencing young people.The programs initiated by these projections go on as a part of the Northern Child and Youth Network occupations.

14. Teacher Support Network (2000 – 2001)

Acknowledging that the teacher is a significant link in assisting young people address the AIDS crisis, TYAP has got teachers together to conduct analysis the problems that become a cause of young people to be involved in high risk behavior, and coached them on themes of adolescent violence, drug abuse and AIDS prevention.

15. Camp Sanook! Sanook! (1996 – 1999)

Camp Sanook! Sanook! was a week-long camp for 30 children, aged 4-11, from HIV positive and negative families, that served to provide children with an opportunity to enjoy themselves, build peer support networks, reduce community discrimination against children affected by HIV, and magnify child rights informedness among themselves, parents and teachers. Children came together to play, exercise, do arts and crafts activities, discuss child rights and go on field trips. Pilot camps were held in 1996 with the participation of people living with HIV/AIDS in San Patong and Doi Saket. In 1998, Camp Sanook! Sanook! hosted children from a slum community in the city of Chiang Mai. In 1999, it was held in the Child Care Center in San Khamphaeng District.