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Thai Youth Action Program Foundation

Who We AreThai Youth Action Program Foundation


Thai Youth Action Programs is a Thai Non Government Organization NGO that works with, supports and is led by youth from the communities of Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand. TYAP has been working from Chiang Mai since 1995 and today TYAP supports up to 10 community youth groups per year, as well as various media community youth groups around the Chiang Mai province. The NGO supports youth to address current issues revolving around HIV/Aids, sexual education, peer pressure, drug and alcohol issues, sexuality, gender, identity, violence and environment.

The organization supports youth groups in the following ways:

  • Conduction of training for youth in communities
  • Support of youth group activities
  • Support of youth when engaging local, regional and national government/organization entities
  • On going support for youth during their activities
  • Provision of resources when needed

Training includes the following areas:

  • Youth Peer leadership
  • Youth media network
  • Training of trainers

If you would like more information please read the information that is on this site and/or contact TYAP on our email at tyapmail@gmail.com. Thankyou for taking the time in getting to know TYAP.