Consumer Rights Service Center Chiang Mai

Consumer Rights ServiceStarting in July 2010 TYAP will become the service center for Consumer Rights in Chiang Mai.

The service will focus on problems associated with:

  • Telecommunications: Dealings with phone companies, SMS alerts, internet providers
  • Electricity
  • Water supply
  • Medical problems that may arise with insurance companies
  • Credit Card
  • Insurance
  • Public Transport
  • Food service issues

TYAP’s youth consumer rights team will advise you on your best course of action, allowing you to be connected to a national network of consumer rights advocates.
If problems arise for you and you live in Chiang Mai please contact our service center in Chiang Mai on

  • 164 919513
  • 164 382614
  • 194 9780324
  • 191 5097829

Or contact us by email on:

Our project from last about youth consumer rights. Here are two clips made by TYAP volunteers about problems that arise with mobile phone companies.