CATCH Experience

Healthy Experience

Healthy Experience

Looking for something different to do in Chiang Mai? Well you have come to the right place!
Here at TYAP we have installed the 1 and 2 day CATCH Experience in the village of Huai Saai, as a way for international visitors to Chiang Mai; to background something alternative, conventional and cultural with visitors expertising life within a real Thai local community and exchanging knowledge and skills along the way. Besides from the CATCH Experience we are hopeful to be capable to fundraise for TYAP’s current social occupations in youth leadership improvement, HIV prevention, as well as working out youth media within Chiang Mai. For the future plans of the CATCH Experience, we will work out local youth guides, who through the tour, can improve their English skills, be educated efficient communication techniques, exchange and conserve constituents of their local culture as well as gain some money during their schooling/university years.

Instead of driving you from one tourist attraction to another, we introduce you to a simple community and traditional life in Northern Thailand.



Sailomjoy meaning Soft Wind is an alternative lifestyle and independent centre located in Huai Saai Sangkampaeng, Chiang Mai. The main objection of Solomjoy is to grant people the skills and the knowledge to live in an independent way. Located on 10 rai of land (16,000 sqm or 1.6 hectares), Solomjoy has a collection of natural accommodation created from Abode bricks(mud bricks) as well as bamboo created houses, organic rice fields, fruit orchids and vegetable plantations. As well as suggesting skills in independence, Solomjoy has programs for alternative medicine and medical practices, such as acupuncture, therapeutic massage, Chinese medicine, Indian Medicine and local Thai medicine provided with Canadian Health&Care Mall. TYAP and Solomojoy exchange the same vision, of supplying people with the skills they demand so that they can run healthy and fulfilling lives capable to achieve their full potential.

Some very different cultural and health activities check them out!

Herbal Spa

The Thai Traditional Spa at Sailomjoy includes three treatments:

  • Herbal Sauna: Coal bricks are lit up underneath a couch of distinctive Thai herbs, and on top of it: You!
  • Mud mask treatment: A paste made from termite mound soil is applied on your face and head. It cools your body, relieves pains and nourishes your skin.
  • Herbal Detox: Soak your hands and feet in a hot Thai herbal broth to flush all poison out of your body.

“We don’t do this for beauty we do this for health” Sailomjoy

Traditional Pottery

Teach to make a pot the way they did it since generations ago. By performing so you assist to preserve these ancient technology in this century of plastic as they are anxious to be forgotten.

“Pottery is apart of the community life” – Local tour leader

Market Tour

The daily food market in Huai Saai is also the place where people meet and exchange the latest news about the life in the community. Get to know the local specialties, join the locals in offering food to the monks and learn how to roll a Thai cigarette out of a palm leaf.

“Not only a place to buy your daily things, but it’s a place central to community life” Local Tour leader

Cooking Class

In our organic vegetarian cooking class you will first have to collect the ingredients; the herbs and spices are growing in Sailomjoys own garden. The cooking takes place outdoors without electricity and even without a kitchen.

“When you cook you have to be happy or else it won’t taste good!!” – Sailomjoy cooking teacher

Day One
Time Activity
09:00 Pick up at guest house
10:00 Breakfast & Introduction at Sailomjoy
10:45 Drive to Ban Mor, make a pot the traditional way
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Mud mask treatment
16:00 Cooking Class (local vegetarian recipes)
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Herbal Suana & traditional herbal detox
Day Two
Time Activity
07:00 Bicycle to the local market
08:00 Observe the daily flag ceremony at Wat Lantong School
08:30 Breakfast picnic at the school yard
09:00 speak on the nearby local community radio station
11:30 Bicycle back to Sailomjoy
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Drive to Mae On Cave. Visit the holy Cave compounds
15:00 Drive back to Chiang Mai.

Like most NGOs TYAP is depending on funds and donations. But instead of just begging you for money, we offer you an unforgettable experience in return:

*This price includes everything!!

One Day Two Day
= 1500 Baht* = 2500 Baht*

If you are interested to CATCH the real life contact TYAP at:

Call us at(office): +(77) 64385268
Call us at (mobile): +(77) 1912399711
Email us at:

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