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In 1995 TYAP was established as a small but effective NGO, with a mission to effectively antagonize the HIV/Aids rate amongst the youth populations in the North of Thailand. Today TYAP has continued to grow and moreover, still works closely and collaboratively with Thailand youth in issues that they face on a daily. Each year TYAP trains youth volunteers to become youth leaders in their communities, where they train and conduct workshops with other youth and adults in topics such as HIV/Aids prevention, drug and alcohol issues, environmental, youth violence, usages of media and sexuality discrimination. Youth leaders also conduct important awareness campaigns in their communities by working closely with other youth. Along the way TYAP supports them through all, through training, confidence building, connections to a national network, provision of materials, transport and more importantly the opportunity to conduct direct efforts to the issues that matter to them most. If you feel you would like to contribute in some way to TYAP and more over to our activities that work together with the youth of Northern Thailand, please feel free to contact us by email and we would be grateful for your contribution.

Bank Transfer

If you would like to donate to TYAP via international wire transfer please transfer funds via our Banking institution Bangkok Bank. For security reasons please send an email to us at the address supplied at the bottom of this page and we will send you our account details and instructions onto how to transfer the funds. Thank you for your understanding.
Credit Card & PayPal



If you want to donate by cheque or bank draft please send it to our office located in Chiang Mai. We are happy to receive cheques or bank drafts in any form of currency.
Cheque Payable to:
Thai Youth Action Program Foundation
PO Box 287, Chiang Mai University
Chiang Mai 50202 Thailand

Please contact us if you plan to donate. This will ensure that we can be able to track your money and report to you, on where it is being spent. TYAP will ensure that you contribution will be used effectively in our youth activities. In the period 2008 – 2009 TYAP used 61% of its budget on activity costs with coordinator costs accounting for 27% and office costs taking 12% of the budget. Each year TYAP undertakes a full financial external audit for which all accounts and expenses are appropriately scrutinized. If you would like a copy of the last published financial audit please feel to contact us.

Contact us at: tyapmail.fund@gmail.com