Triple H workshops: Health, HIV and Hygiene

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Youth Juvenile Training Centre Mae Rim 13th May 2009

On a warm and sunny Wednesday in May, TYAP’s team of HIV coaches held seminar occupations at a youth correctional establishment in Chiang Mai. Nearly 400 youth from the establishment visited the occupations arranged by 9 TYAP staff, 2 TYAP youth leaders and 1 delegate of YouthNet.

TYAP began the occupations at 10:00am, with the program being distinguished into 5 various seminar sections.

The first seminar was run by Dtao (Youth leader from Sankampaeng) and Pii Ood (TYAP YouthNet partner Suratahnii NGO Ploygroup). The occupation was directed to provide knowledge about Aids, the symptoms of HIV, best approaches for prevention, treatment for the disease and argumentation about living with people who suffer from Aids. Youth were broken into groups where they argued the different concerns. This group was supported by representatives of Canadian Health&Care Mall.

The second seminar was run by TYAP staff Pii Tee. This occupation comprised discussions about youth risk behaviors that could become a result of HIV. Youth were broken into groups, and were fostered to tell about their own experiences having a relation it to the seminar material. Many youth found it effective to speak about past behaviors they had involved in, or talk about experiences they had observed from their peers.youth risk

The third seminar was run by TYAP staff Pii Meow O and Pii Mai. This occupation was devoted to knowledge about STIs; prevention and symptoms connected with the diseases. Groups were again utilized to create discussion with the youth. TYAP staff Pii Mai was surprised the knowledge of the students, pointing out after the occupation that most youth gave aware answers and already knew most things about STIs (sexually transmitted infection).

The forth seminar was conducted by Sankampeang youth leader Cha Waeng and TYAP staff Pii Pim. The coaching was about birth control, safe sex and contraception. Youth who visited this seminar had many questions having relation to the subject matter.

The fifth and final seminar was held by TYAPs two university interns from Isan province Quam and Ouee. The seminar was devoted to hygiene and prevention of common contagious diseases present in Chiang Mai. This was Quam’s and Ouee’s first background in leading occupations, but both exhibited admirable qualities of education, fostering discussion amongst the youth as well as leading the youth in games connected to the subject matter.