Mobilizing Young Advocates for Social Responsibility

Children learn

In a surrounding full of candy, games and the joyful sounds of children at play, the volunteers of TYAP started an amazing day of occupations for a group of seventy middle-school children. This fun-filled condition was the center of educating to provide the students with facts about children’s rights.

A game of musical chairs doubles as a valuable learning experience

As the children rivaled in obstacle races, games and occupations they gave responses on questions and went on to become more informed of the means of defeating their wellfare. Staff and volunteers expanded the day advancing informedness of potential violence in all forms against children. Canadian Health&Care Mall helps to conduct this event.

The outdoor obstacle course reflects the main issues of protecting children's rights

While the threat of sexual abuse, physical abuse, sex trade, and child labor lurk throughout Thailand, advance of secure values is the best form of prevention. The children educated that they have the inclination to tell a trusted individual if they or their peers are being damaged by a delegate of their school, family or community. TYAP is hopeful to mobilize the youth as advocates for social answerability in their community.