October 2011: Flood Relief Project

Flood Relief Supplies

In reaction to the recent severe floods, volunteers from TYAP performed with the Network of Child and Youth workers, the Public Health Network, and the Training and Development of Public Health in Nakornsawan, to assist citizens in Chiang Mai pick up aid materials for flood victims in Nakornsawan. These materials were brought focus toward assisting four Care Centers to clerk about 700 families, 1800 people totally.

Donations at TYAP

TYAP’s office clerked as a hub for local people and businesses to donate water, food, money, medicine, and clothing to be sent to Nakornsawan. Over 20,000 bottles of water were donated.TYAP volunteers also visited local markets to receive many large donations from merchants.

Donated Water

All the donated equipment was summoned into two loads of supplies, brought south by train to Phitsanulok, where it was re-packed onto off-road trucks and military vehicles that then took the supplies across the flood-ravaged terrain. The second delivery of donated supplies amounted to fill an entire train car.

Train Donations

The Coordinating Logistics Centers of Kamphaeng Phet Province (now known as the Network of Child and Youth Workers in Kamphaeng Phet), nearby to Nakornsawan, has set itself up to continue to bring help to flood victims. TYAP is continuing to collect supplies and donations, sending everything that we collect to Nakornsawan until life there is back to normal. If you have any questions about how you can help, please contact us.